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The reports listed on this page have been selected by the Project Team by scanning the reports published by “security organizations”. Please let us know your recommendations to add or remove the reports to/from this page on by filling out Contribution Form.

Defence in a Competitive Age (UK – Defence Command Plan), March 2021

Açıklama/Description: Defence in a Competitive Age outlines defence’s contribution to the overarching objectives set out in the government’s Integrated Review. This includes detail on how defence will deliver the multi-year settlement it received in 2020 and how it will transform its armed forces to meet the threats of the future.

International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) Annual Report, 2017

Açıklama/Description: The IAEA Annual Report 2017 aims to summarize only the significant activities of the Agency during the year in question. The main part of the report generally follows the Programme structure as given in The Agency’s Programme and Budget 2016–2017 (GC (59)/2 and Mod. 1). The objectives included in the main part of the report are taken from that document and are to be interpreted consistently with the Agency’s Statute and decisions of the Policy-Making Organs.

OSCE-Led Survey on Violence Against Women: Serbia – Results Report, July 2019

Açıklama/Description: This report presents the representative survey findings of the OSCE-led Survey on the Well-being and Safety of Women for Serbia. The survey was implemented in 2018 in selected countries in South Eastern Europe and Eastern Europe. The OSCE-led survey included a quantitative and qualitative component and was undertaken with the goal of providing comparable data on different forms of violence women experience in their childhood and throughout the course of their lives.

The Future of United Nations Peace Operations, UNITED NATIONS, September 2015

Açıklama/Description: The Panel considers different environments and tasks that diverse peace operations confront today and offers bold and balanced recommendations to strengthen them. It urges to restore the search for peaceful political settlement to the centre of United Nations efforts to prevent and resolve conflicts and protect civilians. It emphasizes partnerships with regional organizations, host Governments and local communities to achieve this...

Improving Security of United Nations Peacekeepers, UNITED NATIONS, December 2017

Açıklama/Description: This report uses internal United Nations data and reporting to analyze the causes of fatalities due to violent acts. Based upon over 160 personal interviews and the professional experience of the authors, the report provides no-nonsense, practical, short and long-term actions to reduce fatalities. The report’s focus is to change the way the United Nations does business in high-security risk peacekeeping operations.

NATO 2020: Assured Security; Dynamic Engagement

Açıklama/Description: The report of the Group of Experts on NATO's new Strategic Concept comprises a summary of findings and a more detailed discussion of and recommendations on key issues, such as the security environment, core tasks, partnerships and Alliance capabilities. The report was aimed at assisting the Secretary General in drafting a new Strategic Concept for NATO, to be agreed by Allies at the Lisbon Summit in November 2010.

North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) Secretary General’s Annual Report, 2018

Açıklama/Description: The Report outlines how NATO is responding to today's security threats, adapting to new challenges, and investing in the future. It covers NATO's activities and achievements to strengthen its deterrence and defence posture, to boost its efforts to fight international terrorism, to increase its capacity-building support to partners and to accelerate its modernisation and innovation agenda. The Annual Report includes the details of estimated 2018 national defence expenditures for all 29 NATO Allies.